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March 24, 2013
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SC: Syn Vydaell by Lyouie SC: Syn Vydaell by Lyouie
seriously how do you guys even come up with pro attack moves qqqq i can never understand AHHH, I wonder if anyone else uses pokemon moves as references BAHAHAHA:iconexcaliburplz:

Name★ Syn Vydaell
Nickname★'Prince'(nicknamed by SeroPFTAAGFHAHHAA)

Weight/Height★ 62kg/182cm

Age★ 18

Gender★ Male

Year★ 3rd

Division★ Weapon User

★Fallen Star (Giant Shuriken)★
It can be used for long and short ranged attacks. Weapon thrown as a boomerang or just held it to slash opponents for close combat. Long ranged attack's speed and damage inflicted are higher but will leave the user vulnerable when the shuriken is thrown and vice versa for short ranged.

★HP: 120
★Total SE: 150

★[Attack One] Grinder: The user gives a hard stab on the victim & then keeps spinning the giant shuriken (30 S.E.)
★[Attack Two] Aerial Swift: The weapon will be thrown like a boomerang. Victim can only receive one hit from the long ranged attack(20 S.E.)
★[Attack Three] Infinite Delusion: The user furiously slashes the victim repetitively with agility. The victim might felt being tortured endlessly due to the waves of pain, THUS THE NAME (30 S.E.)

★[Special Ability] Copo de Nieve(50 S.E)★
The user gathers strength and giving a few swings before throwing the weapon really high above the opponent, it will then create duplicates of the weapon and struck the enemy beneath with incredible force, slicing through the body with multiple hits. If using the special ability repetitively for more than 3 times, user has 10% chances of getting his arm sprained which decreases special ability's damage by 30%.

[Club/Sport] Gardening


★[Secretive]- When it comes to telling others his problems, Syn usually refrains himself from doing so, as due to his habit of bottling his feelings up since childhood.
★[Possessive]- Syn only shows this trait towards his loved ones.
★[Lazy]- Even though Syn often laze around but he still manage to finish his work
★[Selfish]- Syn usually appears selfish towards most people(except those who hold strong relationship with him) as being the only child, he get to hoard as much as he want since childhood~)
Syn: 'If it's mine, then it's mine. No touchey.'
★[Curious]- Even though his face gives out a lazy 'idc' appearance but deep inside he is actually quite the curious type (If you leave him alone in your room he will start messing with your belongings once you leave 8D)

+Venus Flytraps
+His phone's gallery
+Cooking (He usually hoards all the food to himself. Syn:' Ah if only there was more then I could let you have a BIT')
+Home-made food

-Smelly beds...(Makes him wanna stab & rips itLOL)
-'Red light' districts
-Horrible food (He thinks it's a total waste of ingredients)
-Competitions in any form (Money, food, relationships etc etc whatever. Syn: Mine. All mine.)
-Waking up (There's two outcomes when you try to wake him up. He will either tell you to shut up and falls back to sleep or he will just hug you to sleep instead)

Leading an aristocracy life on Asteri Island, Syn gets to enjoy and hoard all the luxuries his family can afford but grew up without experiencing a mother's love and care as his mother passed away after giving birth to him. His father never wanted to marry another woman as he still loves her dearly even if she is deceased and he would always try to make time for Syn even if his working schedules are hectic most of the time, as he is the only son he has.

Most of the time, Syn had to stay indoors due to his weak immune system. He didn't mind much since his free time are usually occupied by playing with the maids(BEEEWBS) or just play pranks on people in the household. He actually always wanted to go out and explore the world but whenever he saw the worn out look his father has after returning from work, he would just shut up about bugging his father to take him out. As Syn grows up, his immune system starts to get better so he gets to permission to go out more frequently but since he was a selfish prick with jealousy issues and a mischievous nature, he didn't earn much friends OTL but he doesn't care as long he gets to hoard stuff 

Everything remained the same until his 10th birthday.
Syn was looking forward for his father's arrival to celebrate his birthday with him but oddly enough, his father was later than usual.

"Father? Where are you now? Why aren't you home yet?"

"Yeah I'm sorry, Daddy has something he needs to take care of--Ah, I'll call you back later. Yeah, love you, Syn. Sorry again."

Then he hunged up. Finally his father arrived, well, about 5 hours after the phone call and it was already at night. Of course, Syn was so disappointed since it's not always he get to spend time with his father and it was a special day. So his father explained to him what happened and how he met a child called Sero who share the same age and birthday with him and brought him to a hotel suite(excluding the details of how Sero wanted to 'sell' himself to him LOL..). After hearing that, Syn was actually furious and jealous of how he spend time with others on this special day as if he was hardly important. It took him a lot of control from exploding in rage and run out of the house to find that Sero boy and beat him up to a pulp LOL OMFG VIOLENT

"Haha you should have seen him Syn! I actually mistaken Sero as a girl! If you were there you would have probably be shy and start hiding behind me heheh~"

"Hmph! Daddy is such a loser and no way!" Syn replies with a pout as he looks away. His father chuckled at his reaction and started patting his head.

Then he paused for a sip of coffee and continued:-

"If I'm not wrong, Sero has been living on the streets" Then he resumed talking how he left a brand new phone for the boy and so on but Syn didn't pay much attention after hearing that phrase, he just went quiet and lost in his thoughts.

"Anyways I'm sorry for not able to make it early for you but still, Happy birthday my son. You always make me proud! Now give daddy some love!" He said as he tackles Syn with a hug.

Instead of freeing himself from the hug to unwrap the present, he just went and hugged his father back tightly, proud of what he did to Sero.

When the maids left Syn's room after tucking him to bed during midnight, he quickly got up and unwrap the present and found a brand new phone with a unique crown logo on it, beside the device was a piece of paper, with a phone number and 'Sero' written on it. He eagerly sends a message to Sero but there was no reply so Syn assume Sero was probably asleep already, so he just went back to sleep with excitement.

When Syn woke up the next morning, the first thing he was to check phone's inbox, happy to find a new message sent by Sero:-

[From: Sero - Subject: "Hello."] -- Hello~ Good morning too and who are you?

Syn started to type his name on the screen but then he hesitated for a while and deleted everything and typed "Your Wishing ★"

So that's how he started to have a relationship with Sero but for personal reasons, he still kept his identity private to Sero. In the end, it became a habit of texting each other everyday and giving Sero his support when he needs it.

Until one day he received a text, expecting it from Sero but to found out it was an invitation by the SC High.

'You are not alone'
'If you have fallen then I'll pick you up again'
'Hahahha oh, so you wanted that last piece? Too bad I just finished it 8("

:iconsero-plz:Sero- Even though they haven't met in the past but they have known each other since childhood through texts, Syn never reveal his face nor true identity to Sero due to certain reasons but he knew perfectly well how Sero looked/acted/etc etc as if Sero lives with Syn because of the frequent self-shots and videos Sero sends him everyday.
They finally united together after being enrolled into SC High, enjoying life together & creating memories

[Voice] None atm

★Focuses his attentions on Sero a lot
★Syn has a habit of browsing through his phone's gallery at least 3 times a day
★Usually put loved one's priority needs first before his own.
★In Sero's contacts, Syn goes by '★'
★He gets eyebags easily due to lack of sleep
★Syn wore a necklace consisting a pair of identical rings with Sero's. One is a plastic ring obtained from gacha & the other.......ENGAGEMENT RING LOLLL
★Has the same birthday as Sero, December 28th

[Rp Methods]
-Ok with anything-
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